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Who is OTE International?

We are the product solution behind many recognizable household names. Our core growth is in the Thermo Electric industry. Today, we provide power conversion systems for automotive, wireless communications, computer and consumer applications.

Our specialty is concept to design to manufacturing for OEM’s that operate and market in North America, Asia and Europe. We realize our clients need fast concise correct solutions. Our experienced turnkey approach simplifies our customer’s issues. We handle design (thermal and electrical), tooling (mechanical), regulatory issues then on to our world class manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities.

We take a proactive responsibility with the newest technology, whether manufacturing process or enhanced performance, more aesthetic, lower cost product. Our experience and diversity allow us the opportunity to pull from a variety of resources. This insures our customers the most competitive product in the marketplace.

Why such an emphasis to quality?

Our approach to Quality is absolute. Delivering product that works, as it should when it should is critical in today’s market. There are multiple criteria driving this, two are; reputation must be upheld by any company you only have one, bottom line cost, it becomes exponential over time and distance. Do it right the first time.

We rigorously test each serial numbered product prior to shipping. At least twelve electrical criteria are evaluated, the information is stored to a database not just for our records but for our customers access. Trace-ability is critical to quality products. 

We go to these extremes so our customers don’t have to. Is it more expensive and difficult? You bet. Is it worth it? We think so.

What is a strategic partnership approach?

Team work. We want to help our customers understand our products. We want to help our customers understand new technology. We want to utilize our economies of scale to make new technology work for each customer’s needs. Our goal is to make our partners successful, by bringing to market new and exciting technologies, economically.

We know our customers. We know our customer’s markets (customers). We work to solve the issues before they are problems. 

Our Mission Statement:

  • Outperform our customer’s expectations, everytime.

  • Bringing to market useful and exciting products.

  • Building the value of our company in the process.




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